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Now you can get a $200 payday advance loan just by completing our short application and responding to any payday loan offers our direct lenders send you. Borrowing small amounts of money used to be more hassle than getting a big loan. Getting a small payday infusion from one of our trusted lenders easy as easy as 1, 2, 3 and click!

Can I Get a Guaranteed Payday Advance?

Lenders are not able to offer a $200 guaranteed payday advance without you completing the application. All the information requested on the application is required in order for the direct lender to make an informed decision about payday loan. Our application is free and will not show up on your credit report.

If we can match you with a lender, you will receive a short term loan offer. It is up to you to accept or decline the offer and reviewing the loan terms and conditions.

How Fast Can I Get the Money?

Money from an online direct lender can be in your account as soon as the next business day. Be sure to read any loan offers completely and note when the funds will be in your bank account. All online transaction will have similar delivery schedules.


But I Have No Checking Account

If you have no checking account then you may need to look at other, local options for your lending needs. Short term finance offered by online lenders require you have a bank account that is in good standing in order to receive the borrowed funds. Our loan companies direct deposit the funds into your account just like an employer would send you a paycheck. 

Are Short Term Loans Legal in My State?

This is a very good question and the simple answer is yes. Short term credit is available in pretty much every state but the amount that lenders can charge in interest and fees may be capped. When states choose to cap rates, they limit the options available to their citizens. Many lenders choose to avoid those states because the interest rate caps are prohibitive to conduct a profitable business model.

Is My Information Safe and Secure?

We have never had an issue with any client's information. All our lenders go through a rigorous check process before they are accepted as a direct lender in our network. All loan companies abide by the rules set forth by the Online Lenders Alliance. Please read all privacy policy and terms of any loan offer you may receive.

Can I Get a $200 Payday Loan Today?

You can get a $200 payday loan today, the only bad news is that it probably won't be through an online lender. You will need to visit a local finance company in order to get payday today. Online lenders have to deposit the money into your bank account, this process usually takes one business day to complete. This is a limitation based on how the banks work and how money transfers are handled, not a direct responsibility of the direct lender.


What if I Have Bad Credit? Is a $200 Payday Loan Still an Option?

Yes, a $200 payday loan is an option if you have bad credit. Having a poor credit score does not rule you out for small short term loan. Most finance companies that specialize in payday loans do not check your credit score.

They are more concerned with your ability to repay the borrowed funds, how much money you make every month, if your bank account is in good standing, and what other debt you might have. No direct lender wants to put you in a difficult position to repay the loan. If you do not repay the loan then they lose money. It is a lose lose for everybody.

Things to Remember

Short term credit such as a $200 payday advance should be used only when necessary. There may be other financing options available to your with lower interest rates and better payment plans.

Most short term loans have high interest rates and should be paid off as soon as possible to avoid additional fees and interest charges. A payday loan can be a convenient lending option when used properly. Must be 18 to apply.

PaydayAdvanceCo.com is not a lender as does not make lending decision. We can not quote APR or payment information. All loan terms are between you and the direct lender.

Disclaimer: PaydayAdvanceCo.com is not a lender, we do not make lending decisions. Please use short term credit responsibly. Must be 18 to apply.

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