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A Florida payday advance refers to a short-term loan from a lender or a bank. It also entails services offered by numerous direct lenders who allow some cardholders to remove a specific amount of payday.

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In general, payday advances include high interest rates and fees but what makes them appealing and a great alternative than other loans is the quick approval and fast funding.

Different Types of Payday Advances

There are different types of payday advances available in Florida but all of them have high fees and interest rates. The most common type of payday advance involves borrowing by means of a credit card on a line of credit.

Depending on the company issuing the credit card, you can withdraw money from a check, which is cahed or deposited at a bank, or from an ATM. The only drawback is the high interest rates that are more than rates charged on regular purchases; Furthermore, the interest starts to accumulate as soon as possible with no grace period.

All payday loans include a certain fee; it could be a percentage of the advanced amount or a flat rate.

Florida Loan Amounts: $100 - $1000

In all cases, these short-term loans will not pass for no- or small-interest-rate preliminary offers; nevertheless, they are so fast and easy to obtain.

Apart from the credit card payday advances, the other two are the merchant payday advances and payday loans in Florida.

  1. Merchant payday advances, merchants and companies receive loans from lenders or banks. A business that lacks sufficient funds makes use of the payday advances sponsor several activities. Alternative lenders will always determine whether the business or company is creditworthy by analyzing many data points like the amount of money the borrower receives via online accounts; lenders will not rely on the credit score of the consumer.
  2. The term payday loan is intermittently used to refer to a Florida payday advance in consumer lending; however, this loan is extremely short term and it is a requirement for the borrowers to pay it back on the next payday unless they want to extend the loan for an additional interest charge and this is legal in their state and allowed by the lender.

Is a Payday Advance Legal in Florida?

The Federal Truth in Lending Act protects all consumers in America therefore, all payday advance lenders in Florida provide everything the act stipulates. Every payday advance borrower in Florida gets a disclosure, which explains all phrases, and the meaning of each keyword present in the loan documents and an entire list of any cost related to their fast payday advance.


Florida lenders trust the residents of FL and will not ask for detailed financial information or a credit check. The process is simple; fill out the fast payday advance application for confirmation that you are pre-qualified. The payday advance will generally arrive on the next business day.

What Do I Need to Get a Payday Advance in FL?

Some specific conditions necessary for a successful payday advance application are the application must be at least 18 years old; this is the first requirement. Lending money to anyone below 18 years is illegal. In addition, the applicant must be a legal resident of the state; the contact address confirms the legal resident status.

A bad credit record is not a problem but it is important for the applicant to earn at least $1,000 every month for the lender to be sure that the borrower will handle paying back. A valid email address and a phone number are important for instant approval since it enables the company to contact the borrower; additional personal details include the applicant’s name, social security number, and the address and the amount to borrow. Finally, the borrower should not be a debtor in bankruptcy.

When all the requirements are met, the lending companies normally contact the borrower after approving all the details to verify all terms and conditions of the contract. Always remember that applying for a payday advance will not solve serious financial troubles.

Acquiring several loans from quite a number of companies from the same time is not recommended because it is a big risk to an individual’s financial stability. Prevention is better than cure; saving money is advisable to keep off from financial problems.

Ways to Improve Your Finances in Florida

There are many ways of saving money. One way is to prepare a real financial plan. Lacking a solid financial plan is the leading reason why the average person cannot save money. Set apart sufficient time to establish a proper budget to follow at the start of every month because, without a reliable financial plan, you will not understand where the money goes.

You may not need a Florida payday advance if you use some of these techniques.


Plan and Budget Your Money

It may seem tedious initially since planning needs a couple of hours but eventually, you save your money and many hours in the future. There are numerous systems that can help in creating a financial plan, for example, the envelope system; there are also several financial and budgeting plans available online.

Follow every step of the recommended systems so that any money left at the end of the month after subtracting all expenses can be used guilt-free.

1. Cancel Subscriptions

Under-used subscriptions are another contributing factor to financial issues. For example, it is highly likely that most have gym memberships that they do not use. Statistics show that close to 80% of Americans never use their gym memberships as a result, many gyms acquire profits from repetitious memberships.

Throw away all redundant memberships. Despite that, there will always be some services used constantly that call for monthly payment but after a close examination, it is evident that the subscription services do not give back the expected value. Cut the cord on any service you may be signed up to currently that you do not use regularly.

2. Drop Your Landline

Cut the landline. This is another cost-effective method in this era of modern technology where most do not use their landline thanks to wireless inventions. It is estimated that for every household, the average cost for a landline is $20. In an entire year, you can save $240 by cutting the landline.

3. Buy Household Items in Bulk

Buy items in bulk to save more money. This method of saving money is somewhat easy. For the items that are used frequently, purchase them in bulk to get a discount from local suppliers; you can save money on essentials monthly since there is always a better per-unit price.

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